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My Philosophy

I believe the process of birth should be satisfying and empowering. I am here to guide you, giving you information so you can make your own choices. I provide advocacy and support in an unfamiliar setting. Through this transformative time, you will tap into your inner wisdom and strength of which you weren't even aware.

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  • High quality care during pregnancy, birth and post partum

  • Doula training Courses


  • Consultation Services


About Sarah Goldstein

Certified Doula (Dona International)

Sarah Goldstein

I entered the field of childbirth more than forty years ago, with the birth of the first of my six children, and professionally, over 26 years ago, becoming a doula. I am a childbirth advocate who promotes safer birth experiences while giving confidence to the birthing couple.

I have completed 6 doula courses and attended numerous conferences for midwives and doulas. I have trained doulas in Israel and in the United States since 2005.


As well as training doulas, I offer a range of services to help you navigate your pregnancy and childbirth. From private consultations to doula support, I am here to provide you with the care and information you need. Click here to view all of my services and learn more about how I can support you.

Doula Training

Course consists of approximately 55 hours of 12- weekly classes. You will learn through visual, verbal, logical and physical techniques. An integral part of the training is my personalized mentoring of course graduates.


Recommendation for Sarah Goldstein’s DONA Certified Doula Course

“Thank Gd, My youngest daughter had a baby boy last night.  She had a water birth in S. Joseph.  Some experience! My daughter is so grateful to me for my help, and I’m SO grateful to you for everything you’ve taught me.  It could easily have ended as a C-section, as did my daughter Rivka’s first birth which was before I took your course.

May we have only good news to share!” 

L. Goldberg

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