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  • Each study day consists of lectures, videos, role-playing and practicing labor techniques.

  • Course material will include an 70-page manual with information on all aspects of Doula support – emotional, physical and spiritual; information for doulas from the latest Midwifery Today, DONA and childbirth conventions on positions, the 3 R’s, difficult labors, medication options, Cesarean and VBAC assistance, newborn and nursing, postpartum contact, halachic issues (Rov Berkowitz).

  • Participants are expected, in addition, to attend a childbirth education course (preferably before the training course), to read 7 required  books on birthing, and to attend at least 3 births within the next two years.


  • I have opened up 10 libraries to provide information in the greater Jerusalem.

  • Books are in Hebrew as well so tell your neighbors and friends

  • Everything available from prenatal to postpartum and breastfeeding.


  • When uncertain where it would be best to give birth; at home, birth center or hospital, we can discuss your options.

  • If you are a high risk pregnancy and need special care, I can direct you to the right healthcare provider while initially giving you some immediate nutritional advice.

  • If your baby is in a compromised situation; posterior, breech, etc, I can help with rotation.


  • 1. A first meeting is gratis to ascertain if we are a match.

  • 2. Like a guide in a foreign country, I can show you the path which ideally suits your style, location and birth preferences.

  • ​3.Research has proven whether it is your first baby or 8th, I can provide safer outcomes and a more satisfying birth experience by providing information, reassurance and advocacy

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